The Supine Oblique Stretch improves flexibility of the trunk rotator musculature, reduces the risk of injury and aids in the muscle recovery process.

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The oblique stretch is essential for tennis players because the trunk rotators aid in the power production during groundstrokes and the serve.

The obliques consist of fast twitch muscle fibers that have the capability for high force output.

Therefore developing and maintaining the obliques is essential so include the oblique stretch into your static stretch routine!


Obliques: High Force Output















If you want to stretch out the abductors at the same time then try the abductor and oblique stretch!

Oblique Stretch Description Summary

Oblique Stretch Targets Trunk Rotators

Oblique Stretch Targets Trunk Rotators

  1. Place floor mat on the ground
  2. Lay down in supine position (face up); knees are shoulder-width apart
  3. Flex knees to 90˚
  4. Place hands behind the head (90˚ of shoulder abduction)
  5. Externally rotate trunk, thereby bringing knees towards the ground, while maintaining ground contact with both scapulae (shoulder blades); upper leg rests on top of lower leg.
  6. Hold stretch for 45 seconds and perform to the other side

Targeted Musculature

  1. Obliques


Illu trunk muscles“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.








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