The Abductor Stretch & Oblique Stretch focuses on improving flexibility of the hip abductors and trunk rotators; it is a two in one static stretching exercise.

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The focus is on improving flexibility of the hip abductors and obliques, thereby improving range of motion and minimizing the risk for injury.

You should implement this oblique stretch and abductor stretch into your static stretching routine because they are being used constantly during stroke production (e.g. trunk rotation) and change of direction.

By regularly stretching out the obliques and hip abductors you can support the muscle recovery process following intense matches or practice sessions.

Oblique Stretch and Abductor Stretch Summary

Oblique Stretch and Abductor Stretch

Oblique Stretch and Abductor Stretch

  1. Place floor mat on the ground
  2. Lay down in supine position (face up); knees are extended shoulder-width apart
  3. Extend arms and raise them to 90˚ of shoulder abduction
  4. Flex one hip to 90˚; knee is extended
  5. Internally rotate trunk, hereby bringing foot towards the ground, while maintaining ground contact with both scapulae (shoulder blades)
  6. Hold stretch 45 seconds and perform to the other side

Targeted Musculature

  • Hip Abductors (gluteus medius & minimus)
  • Obliques

Gluteus medius muscle08



Gray392“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.



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