The Sumo Squat Stretch mainly focuses on improving flexibility of the glutes and hip adductors; it also opens up the groin area.

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During the sumo squat stretch the athletes tries to sit down as low as possible, bringing the buttocks towards the heels; the sumo squat stretch is very helpful in reducing the risk for injury of the groin area.

Squat stretching can also be helpful is an indicator of possible pelvic limitations.

If the buttocks does not surpass the knees then further testing is needed to determine what muscle group is the limiting factor due to pelvic misalignment.

Pelvic misalignment (e.g. anterior pelvic tilt) can cause low back pain.

Sumo Squat Stretch Description Summary

Sumo Squat Stretch

Sumo Squat Stretch

  1. Move feet wider than shoulder-width
  2. Drop down into a (deep) squat, place elbows at the medial aspect of the knees (inside knees), and move palms of hands together; abduct feet slightly (toes point outward); maintain neutral spine position; look forward
  3. Hold stretch for 10 seconds before pushing knees together
  4. Hold stretch for 45 seconds
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Targeted Musculature

  • Glutes
  • Hip Adductors (adductor brevis, longus, magnus)

Sobo 1909 318

Anterior Hip Muscles 2

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