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Stretching Calves Stretch

Stretching Calves Stretch

Stretching calves improves flexibility, reduces the risk for injury and supports the muscle recovery process especially when working a lot on the serve.

The calves are utilized during every step and especially during explosive jumps, such as during the service motion or overhead smashing.

The calves stretch can be used to prevent muscle strains and increase range of motion at the ankles.

Therefore, stretching the calves regularly makes sense.

Stretching Calves Stretch Recommendation

Implement the stretch into your static stretching routine post training or workout. This is also a great time to relax mentally.

Either close your eyes and focus on your breathing or you can also listen to relaxing music.

After you are finished stretching out you should feel relaxed and ready for a good massage!

Stretching Calves Stretch Description Summary

Stretching Calves Stretch
Stretching Calves Stretch © by Phil Halfmann Рall rights reserved
  1. Stand up straight, take a step, and position one leg in front of the other; place arms against a wall/fence
  2. Maintain ground contact with the heel of the rear foot, lean forward, and transition body weight to the front foot
  3. Hold stretch for 45 seconds

Targeted Musculature

  • Gastrocnemius (calve)
  • Soleus (calve)

Sobo 1909 303

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Also, make sure that you warm up properly before and stretch out after your training session.