The Towel Shoulder Stretch improves flexibility of the often times overused internal shoulder rotators and helps tennis players reducing the risk of shoulder injuries.

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This shoulder stretch is a must for you because it helps to correct postural imbalances at the shoulder and aids in the muscle recovery process.

Often times tennis players have a forward tilt of the force producing shoulder since the internal shoulder rotators are stronger developed than the external shoulder rotators.

Reason being is that the internal rotators are constantly used during powerful stroke production and many tennis players do inadequate strength programs, where upper-body pressing actions dominate instead of pulling exercises.

Therefore, if you want to correct postural imbalances at the shoulder then do the towel shoulder stretch regularly and focus more on pulling exercises during strength training.

Shoulder Stretch Summary

  1. Take towel in the right hand and place it behind the head; reach down the spine as far as possible
  2. Maintain neutral head position – look straight forward
  3. Take left hand and grab the towel behind the back
  4. Pull towel over the right shoulder and slowly apply the stretch to the right shoulder
  5. Now, switch hands; left hand holds the towel and is placed behind the head, right hand grabs the towel
  6. Pull towel over the right shoulder and slowly apply the stretch to the left shoulder
  7. Hold stretch for 45 seconds
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Targeted Musculature

  • pectoralis major
  • subscapularis
  • latissimus dorsi
  • teres major

Shoulder joint

Sobo 1909 245

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