The Pectoralis Stretch improves flexibility of the anterior chest musculature and corrects postural shoulder imbalance.

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Use it regularly after upper-body workouts to support the muscle recovery process.

Many tennis players have tight pecs due to overuse activities in the gym, such as bench pressing or pushups.

As a result the shoulders are tilted forward because the chest musculature is more developed than the back musculature.

If you want to start correcting the shoulder forward tilt then implement the pectoralis stretch into your post-workout static stretching program.


This can also reduce the risk for injury at the shoulder.

Pectoralis Stretch Description Summary

Pectoralis Stretch

Pectoralis Stretch

  1. Stand in front of an object (e.g. pole)
  2. At 90˚ shoulder flexion horizontally abduct the shoulder, externally rotate and flex the elbow; elbow and palm of the hand touch the pole
  3. Step forward with the contralateral foot and lean forward with the upper body
  4. Maintain neutral pelvic and spine position; push chest out; look forward
  5. Hold stretch for 45 seconds

Targeted Musculature

  • Pectoralis Major

Sobo 1909 245

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