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Workout Video: 9 Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain

Workout Video: 9 Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain

The workout video shows you 9 strength exercises to prevent knee pain and improve overall knee strength – watch it!

The workout video will introduce you to the respective strength exercises, including exercise descriptions, what muscles they target and what to pay attention to in order to perform the strength exercises in good form.

This is important because performing the knee strength exercises incorrectly can aggravate knee pain even more, so pay attention.

Who Are The Strength Exercises For?

The exercises can be performed by anyone who is deemed fit for physical activity. Whether you play tennis recreationally or more seriously you can do these strength exercises to improve your leg strength.

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Training Considerations

Now, you can load the strength exercises however you deem appropriate using a dumbbell or barbell, respectively.

Don’t forget to stretch out your legs afterwards to avoid muscle soreness the next – you don’t want to be sore the next day when you practice on court!

Here are 22 static stretching exercises for your tennis cool down – just pick the ones you like the most.

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Workout Video Strength Exercises Order

It is ideal to perform the strength exercises in the following order since we want to focus on compound exercises first. We want to use multiple muscle groups before we transition into exercises where we isolate certain muscles.

If you were to do it the opposite way then the muscles are already fatigued before you get to the more demanding compound exercises.

That’s just my recommendation – it’s not illegal to change up the order if you prefer it.

  1. Back Squat (Smith machine)
  2. Forward/Reverse Lunging
  3. Lateral Lunging
  4. RDL
  5. Knee Extensions
  6. Knee Curls
  7. SL RDL
  8. SL Squat – use stability pad to increase stability requirements
  9. DB Calve Raises

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