Discover the “2 for the Offense” Tennis Drill

Discover the “2 for the Offense” Tennis Drill

The “2 for the Offense” is an on-court tennis drill that allows you to improve footwork for the inside-out forehand, court awareness and directional control of the forehand and backhand.

The tennis drill is suitable for tennis players who are familiar with speed ladder drills. The players have dependable groundstrokes and can control direction, depth and pace of the ball.

During the video we are first going to show you how the setup for the drill works, where you need to put the cones and what you need to pay attention to.

While the drill is going on I will also explain what’s important, why we are doing it and the benefits associated with this tennis drill.

2 For The Offense Tennis Drill Setup

tennis drill setup
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We basically have two target areas you can setup with the cones on the coach’s side of the court.

One is at the corner baseline end in the ad-court, where you hit the groundstroke down the line.

The 2nd target area is around the ad-court service box corner, where you hit the shots for the backhand cross-court or the inside-out forehand cross-court, depending on which ball is being fed by the coach.

On the player’s side we setup a cone/ring indicating the neutral zone that the player needs to return to in order to be ready for the next shot.

The neutral zone is approximately 3 feet from the center of the baseline in the ad-court.

The neutral zone is important for court awareness after the player hits the groundstroke down the line.

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