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Tennis Footwork Drills

Tennis Footwork Drills

Learn how to move better and watch our tennis footwork drills to improve your dynamic stability, movement economy and speed.

The footwork drills can be important exercises to improve performance on the tennis court by improving dynamic stability, movement economy, and speed if the tennis footwork drills emulate the movement pattern seen during a tennis match and translate into actual on court actions.

Therefore, we are going to introduce various footwork drills that do just that!

Tennis Footwork Drills

tennis footwork drills

Improving tennis-specific footwork can be accomplished with a variety of different exercises, such as:

Before you jump into moving as fast as possible it would be a great idea to focus on movement mechanics and form first because once you have perfect technique then you won’t waste any energy for undesirable action, which allows you to move faster and for a longer period of time.

The first footwork drills you want to do are speed ladder drills to improve neural pathways and movement economy.

For more information on speed ladder drills take a look at 6 Fundamental Speed Ladder Drills For Quick Foot Speed or watch the following video.

Once the athletes are proficient in the speed ladder drills you want to introduce them to agility drills to enhance their change of direction abilities.

For more information take a look at Agility Training: How to Improve Tennis Specific Agility.

And lastly, you want to incorporate the tennis footwork drills into your tennis training so that you can achieve your ultimate goal of improving your performance on the tennis court.

See how it’s done during a professional training session with Alexander Ritschard.

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