Alexander Ritschard: Professional Tennis Training Session

Alexander Ritschard: Professional Tennis Training Session

Finally it’s here! You are invited to take a look inside a professional tennis training session with Alexander Ritschard.

We have received a lot of inquiries from you guys in the past, asking us to show a training session with a professional athlete. What can I say, we aim to please!

So in today’s episode you will be able to take a look inside a professional training session with Swiss national junior champion, Alexander Ritschard.

Inside the Training Session with Alexander Ritschard

Alexander Ritschard
Alexander Ritschard

The training session will consist of:

  1. Dynamic stretching
  2. On-court integrated tennis drills with a speed ladder
  3. Serve & volley

We are currently working on footwork for closed-stance groundstrokes and lateral movement along the baseline. I hope you enjoy the integrated speed ladder drill.

We have some more info on tennis footwork: how important is it?

Now, every training session starts with a dynamic warm up for the upper- and lower body preparing the body for play and ends with a cool down to support the muscle recovery process.

Check out 22 static stretching exercises for your tennis cool down.

Ok, as previously mentioned, at the beginning of today’s training session we want to focus on lateral footwork and groundstrokes.

One great way to accomplish both in one exercise is by using an integrated speed ladder drill – watch it at 1min 12 seconds.

Before you can do this drill with your athletes make sure they are familiar with the “Lateral Fast Feet” speed ladder drill.

So, set up the speed ladder behind the baseline and have the athlete move through the speed ladder before hitting ground strokes.

It is fine if beginners are looking at the ground while moving through the speed ladder.

The focus is on perfect movement mechanics and stroke production.

If you want to know more about agility training and progressions then also read how to develop agility via speed ladder drills.

Inside-Out Forehand Drill

In the next drill we want to focus on improving the footwork for the inside out forehand.

This can be accomplished by combining 2 speed ladder drills:

before hitting the shots.

Towards the end we hit some basic volleys with good rhythm and in good form before finishing the training session with some serves.

If you don’t have professional tennis players like Alexander Ritschard then I recommend you start to incorporate speed ladder drills into your training sessions.

Allow your tennis players to look on the ground when going through the speed ladder. It’s fine to start like that and progress accordingly.

Maybe you also enjoy the following drill for improving footwork and precision.

I hope you enjoyed the training session with Alexander Ritschard and got some info that you can use for your own training sessions with your athletes.