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Workout for Pro Athletes

Workout for Pro Athletes

The workout for pro athletes consists of 5 compound free-weight exercises to improve kinetic chain efficiency and glycolytic energy pathways.

The workout allows you to add some auxiliary exercises, such as trunk rotations, ab circuit or whatever you prefer.

Since the leg workout for advanced athletes consists of compound free-weight exercise activating numerous muscle groups simultaneously you can improve transfer of energy, body control and coordination.

Because we want to challenge the nervous- and muscular system, resistance goes up and complexity of the selected exercises increases, while the volume decreases.

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The workout for pro athletes helps to optimize your athletes’ athletic abilities and transform them into powerful athletes.

Ensure that the respective exercises are done in perfect form to optimize energy transfer and develop athletic abilities, while minimizing the risk for injury.

To become proficient in Olympic weightlifting, use the integrated periodization model for programming, and learn how to calculate appropriate training phase intensities download chapter 6..

Also, for more info on the subject then take a look at the purpose of athletic conditioning and learn how to become a powerful athlete.

Workout For Pro Athletes Exercise Summary

Workout For Pro Athletes
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Training Zone

In this section we provide you with some more free-weight resistance training exercises you may be interested in to optimize your training.

It might be a good idea to warm up and stretch out afterwards:

deadlift to upright row
Deadlift to Upright Row
Front Squat to Press
Front Squat to Press
Lateral Lunge with Barbell Rotation
Lateral Lunge with Barbell Rotation