Upper Body Workout for Beginners

Upper Body Workout for Beginners

The upper body workout for beginners consists of 5 compound free-weight exercises to develop neural pathways for Olympic lifts and improve strength.

Since the upper body workout for beginners consists of compound free-weight exercise activating numerous muscle groups simultaneously you can improve energy transfer, body control and coordination.

You can use the upper body workout to prepare yourself for more explosive exercises, such as Olympic lifts, that allow you to optimize your athletic abilities and become a powerful athlete.

Don’t make the mistake and use weights that are too heavy. You only get half the benefits if you pull the weight up but then just let it drop!

Also, if you use weights that are to heavy then you are more likely to get injured and that’s not the purpose here.

Ensure that you do the respective exercises in perfect form. Control the action to optimize energy transfer and improve your athletic abilities.

Upper Body Workout Program

If you are in the preparation training phase then you want to perform 3 sets with 12-20 repetitions to enhance neural pathways.

You will need to know your 1 repetition maximum (1 RM) for perfect programming. If you don’t know how to find it take a look here.

For gains in muscle mass during the hypertrophy training phase perform 3 sets with 8-12 repetitions and increase the weight.

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To become proficient in Olympic weightlifting, you can use the integrated periodization model for programming. Learn how to calculate appropriate training phase intensities download chapter 6.

Take a look at the purpose of athletic conditioning and learn how to become a powerful athlete.

Upper Body Workout For Beginners Summary

Training Zone

In this section we provide you with more free-weight exercises you may be interested in to optimize your training:

Before you start your upper body workout you may want to warm up to prepare yourself and minimize the risk for injuries.