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Leg Warm Up For Advanced Athletes

Leg Warm Up For Advanced Athletes

The leg warm up for advanced athletes consists of 5 dynamic stretching exercises to prepare neural pathways for explosive movements and decrease the risk for injury.

The selected exercises for the leg warm up emulate movement patterns during tennis and target the major muscle groups.

Since the dynamic leg warm up consists of compound calisthenic exercise activating numerous muscle groups simultaneously you can also improve kinetic chain efficiency, body control and coordination.

Training Recommendations

You can use the dynamic leg warm up to prepare a group of advanced kids or adults for more intense tennis drills.

In the beginning you want to start slowly and then progress bit by bit and increase the speed of the action. You don’t want to exaggerate any possible micro muscle tears into a larger issue.

When you increase the speed maintaining stability becomes more of an issue and challenges the athlete.

Make sure to perform the warm up exercises in controlled fashion for maximum benefit; the warm up takes about 3 minutes.

We also have more detailed information for you on the benefits of a proper warm up routine.

Leg Warm Up for Advanced Athletes Leg Warm Up for Advanced Athletes

Leg Warm Up for Advanced Athletes Summary

When you can click on the following leg stretches you’ll be able to get more detailed information on exercise description, targeted musculature and training videos.

  1. High Knee Pull w. Dorsi Flexion
  2. Single Leg RDL & Quad Stretch
  3. Cross-Over Lunge
  4. Bilateral Lunge w. Trunk Rotation
  5. Duck Walk

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