The Swiss Ball Workout consists of 5 tennis functional training exercises to optimize synchronicity of the neuromuscular system in order to improve tennis-specific movement patterns.

During the Swiss Ball Workout the focus is on improving neuromuscular system efficiency because the neuromuscular system works in sync when the athlete moves on the court and hits the ball.

Improving balance, stability and body control is important for any athlete because it enhances proprioception (nervous system component responsible for maintaining stability) and muscle stabilizers thereby improving the neuromuscular system with regards to maintaining balance and stability.

Emphasis is on the synchronized activation of various muscle groups and stabilizer development to improve performance and avoid injuries.

Since stabilizers will become stronger we can enhance performance and minimize the risk for injuries by enhancing overall joint integrity.

Swiss Ball Workout Summary


  1. Alternating Physio Ball DB Press to Reach
  2. Physio Ball Push Ups
  3. Physio Ball Spine Lateral Flexion to Elbow Extensions
  4. Physic Ball Kneeling Wood Chops
  5. Physio Ball Trunk Rotation

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