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Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

The Butterfly Stretch improves flexibility of the hip adductors, reduces the risk of injury and aids in the muscle recovery process.

During the stretch you probably want to use a mat for cushioning.

Simply sit down on and move the bottom of tour feet together.

Now grab your ankles with your hands, move your elbows on top of the knees. Push them down towards the ground until you are feeling the stretch.

This is also a great time to relax mentally. Either close your eyes and focus on your breathing or you can also listen to relaxing music.

Take a look at 15 Minutes relaxation after tennis training.

Butterfly Stretch Description Summary

Butterfly Stretch
Butterfly Stretch © by Phil Halfmann – all rights reserved
  1. Place floor mat on the ground
  2. Sit down, abduct hips, flex knees, and move feet together
  3. Place hands on top of the knees and slowly push knees towards the ground
  4. Hold stretch for 45 seconds

Targeted Musculature

  • Hip Adductors (adductor brevis, longus, magnus)

Anterior Hip Muscles 2

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Also, make sure that you warm up properly before and stretch out after your training session.

Have fun and happy training!