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11 Useful Exercises to Correct Strength Imbalances

11 Useful Exercises to Correct Strength Imbalances

Strength imbalances will negatively impact your power during shots and can lead to injuries. Make corrections now and take a look at the workout we provided for you.

Many tennis players have upper body strength imbalances, especially at the shoulder joint, due to varying force demands of the upper extremities during stroke production.

You want to correct these strength imbalances to minimize the risk for injury and enhance transfer of energy capabilities, which affect overall power output during stroke production.

I mean being less prone to injury while being able to hit more powerful shots isn’t a bad deal, is it?

If you think so as well and want to learn more watch the video. We have 11 free-weight exercises you can do to strengthen the upper body.

You can also use them to correct any imbalances of the musculature attaching to the shoulder girdle.

Should you repeatedly encounter shoulder pain take a look at Rotator Cuff Injuries and 3 Non-Surgical Treatment Options.

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Make sure you use appropriate weight so you can control the action throughout the entire range of motion. Otherwise you may only reap half the benefits.

Very often, people use too much resistance. They push the weight and then just release it on the way down.

No eccentric phase, the weights basically just drop to the floor. Make the most out of your training time and work your way up to weights that make you look respectable.

Having access to a gym makes it easier to do the exercises but you can also use a few dumbbells and do the workout at your home.

Watch and learn how to perform the following free-weight exercises in proper form:

  1. Physio Ball Alternating DB Press
  2. Triceps Extensions
  3. Standing Military Press
  4. Physio Ball Lat Pull Overs
  5. Upright Row
  6. Bend Over Row
  7. Bend Over Flys
  8. Dumbbell Pronation Supination
  9. Hip Lifts
  10. Russian Twists
  11. Toe Touches

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Also, make sure that you warm up properly before and stretch out after your training session.