FREE eBook on Weight Lifting for Tennis

FREE eBook on Weight Lifting for Tennis

“Basic Introduction to Weight Lifting for Tennis” is my new eBook and you can get it for free; simply “pay” with a tweet.

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What’s Inside Weight Lifting for Tennis?

The book provides information on weight lifting for tennis players, including:

  • why weight lifting for tennis makes sense
  • dynamic & static stretching routines
  • various resistance training workouts

If you are new to weight training the exercises provide a detailed step-by-step exercise description to help you with proper exercise execution.

The “Key Factors” and “Common Errors” sections help you to focus on important exercise mechanics and avoid errors commonly seen in the weight room.

In addition pictures are included as a visual aid to support proper exercise execution.

Take a look at a sample exercise: PB Leg Curl

How to Progress

If you use additional weights…make sure you use appropriate resistance so you can control the action throughout the entire range of motion. Otherwise you defeat the purpose of the exercise.

Very often, people use too much resistance and they become sloppy. Especially when it comes to maintaining core stability repetitively.

Also, don’t just progress with adding more weight. First, maximize the speed while maintaining perfect form.

If you are thinking about weight lifting for tennis I recommend you download the book.

You can get an idea if the training concept works for you without having to spend any money – so give it a shot!

Thank you for tweeting and showing your support – I greatly appreciate it!

Training Zone

We provide you with some more workouts and training tips you may be interested in to optimize your training.

Also, make sure that you warm up properly before and stretch out after your training session.