Many people believe that footwork in tennis is important but they are wondering what exactly they can do to improve it and speed ladder exercises are a great way to get started.


Using a speed ladder to improve movement economy can be one of the answers and hence we are introducing some speed ladder drills that you can do regularly to improve your footwork.

Before you get going though you might want to take a look at How To Develop Agility Via Speed Ladder Drills to optimize your training.

So, watch Alexander Ritschard performing the drills and learn how to do them correctly, how often you should do them, how to progress from beginner to professional and other useful tips!

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Speed Ladder Exercises

In the video you will be introduced to the following speed ladder exercises:

Training Zone

speed ladder exercises

Improving footwork is essential for many tennis players and hence we provide a lot of practical information and a great arsenal of exercises to improve all aspects of speed. agility and quickness.

For more balance and stability exercises, speed ladder drills, ballistics, plyometrics, box jumps, rebounds, medicine ball throws and agility drills you can download chapter 7 – SAQ Training: Developing Speed, Agility and Quickness.

Following you find some more videos on footwork and speed training:


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