The Physio Ball Roll Out is a functional training exercise for beginners to improve synergy of the neuromuscular system, core stability, body control and coordination.


During the Physio Ball Roll Out the focus is on improving neuromuscular system efficiency because the neuromuscular system works in sync when the athlete moves on the court and hits the ball.

Emphasis is on the synchronized activation of various muscle groups and stabilizer development to improve performance and avoid injuries.

If athlete cannot maintain neutral pelvic position during the Physio Ball Roll Out then increase the starting position distance between body and physio ball; move hands on top of the physio ball.

Physio Ball Roll Out Description

Physio Ball Roll Out

  1. Place floor mat on the ground and physio ball in front of the mat
  2. Kneel on the knees; position knees and feet shoulder-width apart; place palms of the hand in front of the physio ball; extend elbows; hips are in neutral pelvic position; look forward
  3. Maintain neutral pelvic, spine and head position, extend shoulders and roll physio ball forward to elbow level
  4. Hold position for 1 second
  5. Flex shoulders and roll physio ball back to starting position; maintain neutral pelvic position
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