The Lunge to Med Ball Diagonal Reach is a functional training exercise for beginners to improve synergy of the neuromuscular system, core stability, body control and coordination.


During the Lunge to Med Ball Diagonal Reach the focus is on improving neuromuscular system efficiency because the neuromuscular system works in sync when the athlete moves on the court and hits the ball.

Emphasis is on the synchronized activation of various muscle groups and stabilizer development to improve performance and avoid injuries.

If the athlete cannot maintain stability during the Lunge to Med Ball Diagonal Reach then decrease the speed of trunk rotation. If you want to increase the degree of difficulty increase the speed of the trunk rotation.

Lunge to Med Ball Diagonal Reach Description

Lunge to Med Ball Diagonal Reach

  1. Take an athletic stance; stand straight, feet are shoulder-width apart; knees slightly flexed
  2. Hold medicine ball naturally in both hands; push chest forward
  3. Step into a lunge with the left foot and externally rotate trunk to the right; lean forward with upper-body, elbows are extended; spine and head are in neutral position; MB is lateral to the right hip
  4. Internally rotate trunk, extend the shoulders, thereby raising MB diagonally across the chest and over the left shoulder; MB is to the left of the head
  5. Repeat and switch sides
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