The Single Leg Explosive Lateral Rebound Press is a ballistic exercise for advanced athletes to improve energy transfer, neural pathways for explosive serving, body control, balance and coordination.


The focus of the Single Leg Explosive Lateral Rebound Press is explosiveness and powerful pressing action, emulating the movement mechanics during the serve, and hence leading to better performance.

Before you engage in ballistics you may want to take a look at Ballistic Training: How To Optimize Explosiveness for maximum results and a sample ballistic training workout for advanced athletes.

Single Leg Explosive Lateral Rebound Press Description

Single Leg Explosive Lateral Rebound Press

Single Leg Explosive Lateral Rebound Press

  1. Place 1 agility ring diagonal in front of the box on the ground
  2. Put one leg on op of the box (hip & knee flexed at 90˚); place other leg inside the ring
  3. Hold the dumbbell in the opposite hand close to the shoulder; look forward
  4. Explosively push off with the leg on top of the box and simultaneously press the dumbbell (DB) over the head; arm is extended
  5. Land inside agility ring
  6. Hold 1 second and repeat
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