The Medicine Ball Plate Blocks is a ballistic exercise for beginners to improve neural pathways for explosive shot production, body control and coordination.


Before you engage in ballistics you may want to take a look at Ballistic Training: How To Optimize Explosiveness for maximum results and a sample ballistic training workout for advanced athletes.

Medicine Ball Plate Blocks Description

Medicine Ball Plate Blocks

Medicine Ball Plate Blocks

Coach/partner stands in front of athlete, holds a medicine ball (MB) in both hands and chest passes it towards the athlete.

  1. Athlete holds the plate in both hands close to the chest
  2. Athlete takes serving position (trailing foot is in front of leading foot); look forward during exercise
  3. Coach/partner chest-passes MB towards chest of the athlete
  4. Athlete explosively extends arms forward, hits MB with the plate, thereby returning MB to coach
  5. Athlete returns plate toward chest
  6. Coach holds the MB for 1 second before passing it back to the athlete
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