The Medicine Ball Heavy Bomb Throw is a ballistic exercise for beginners to improve energy transfer, neural pathways for explosive jumps, body control and coordination.


The focus of the Medicine Ball Heavy Bomb Throw is explosiveness and powerful throwing motion rather than the total amount of resistance being used. We also want to emphasize the speed of the action and control of the body.

Before you engage in ballistics you may want to take a look at Ballistic Training: How To Optimize Explosiveness for maximum results and a sample ballistic training workout for advanced athletes.

Medicine Ball Heavy Bomb Throw Description

Medicine Ball Heavy Bomb Throw

Medicine Ball Heavy Bomb Throw

  1. Feet should be placed shoulder width apart while maintaining a squat stance; the back should be flat with the chest ‘puffed out’ and gaze directed forward.
  2. The medicine ball should be on the ground or a few inches above depending on hip flexibility and the size of the ball.
  3. The hands should be firmly grasping the sides of the ball positioned between the knees.
  4. Extended the arms upward and overhead while holding medicine ball as the jump is performed.
  5. The knees, hips, and shoulders should go through complete extension and the ankles should completely plantar-flexed at the top of the jump (stand on toes).
  6. The ball is released at a 45˚ angle behind and over the head for maximum distance; the feet can leave the ground.

Targeted Musculature

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Quadriceps
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Deltoids
  • Calves
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Medicine Ball Heavy Bomb Throw Common Errors

  • Neglecting to perform total ‘triple extension’ of the joints specified above which negates the power transfer into the throw
  • Releasing the ball to soon or late to limit the total horizontal distance of the throw

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