The Supine Bridging is a calisthenic low back exercise for beginners to improve energy transfer, hip extensor strength, trunk extensor strength and body control for more powerful shots.


During the Supine Bridging the focus is on strengthening the low back because it is part of the core and hence important for energy transfer when hitting the ball.

The posterior aspect of the core is very important in energy transfer and injury prevention and hence should be strengthened regularly to ensure proper joint integrity and enhanced energy transfer. Find out more about Why Core Training for Tennis Players is Important.

Supine Bridging Description

Supine Bridging

Supine Bridging

  1. Place floor mat on the ground
  2. Lie flat on the floor mat (face up) with arms close to the trunk (palms down)
  3. Knees are in line with shoulders
  4. Bring heels toward the buttocks until knees are flexed at 90˚
  5. Extend hips upwards to neutral pelvic position; hold position for 1 second
  6. Descend hips back to the ground
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