All-in-One Tennis Strength and Conditioning Resource to Benefit Tennis Coaches, Players and Parents

Author Philipp HalfmannBerlin, Germany, 17/09/2012 – Professional Tennis and Strength & Conditioning coach Philipp Halfmann announced today the release of his new book “Advanced Concepts of Strength and Conditioning for Tennis” to become a singular strength & conditioning resource for tennis coaches, players, and parents, including important factors for a successful tennis career, exercise science principles, fitness testing, resistance training, conditioning and sports nutrition.

The announcement comes as strength & conditioning training takes on more and more significance in the successful development of tennis players for the professional and collegiate circuit since an increasing number of tennis players have difficulties reaching their full potential due to recurring injuries and their inability to compete on tour year around.

Philipp Halfmann coached 2x Swiss National Junior Tennis Champion Alexander Ritschard, improving his junior world ranking by 600 spots in a year and achieving an ATP Tour world ranking by age 16, and has tapped that experience into a book which describes how to physically develop tennis players using effective, fun, and modern workout programs. The textbook offers a comprehensive resource to tennis players and coaches to improve tennis-specific athletic performance through science-based information and a great variety of practical applications.

Halfmann drew from his many experiences playing collegiate tennis, working as university strength and conditioning coach, and tennis touring coach.

“Tennis is a physically demanding and challenging sport which warrants great expertise by the coaches when it comes to physical conditioning”, the author said.

”Unfortunately tennis coaches receive very limited exposure to physical conditioning when they get certified and have limited resources pursuing quality continuing education to acquire a solid understanding of exercise science principles, which are necessary in order to work effectively”.

As a kid Halfmann dreamed about becoming a professional tennis player but by age 18 he had to realize that it was just a dream. On the one hand he blamed himself; on the other hand he felt that his coaches were not good enough, which motivated him pursue a degree in sports science.


“Tennis was my life but then I realized that I wasn’t good enough although I worked extremely hard. Later on I found out that my coaches didn’t care about it as much as I did, which was hurtful at first but then motivated me to go to college and learn about sports science because I wanted to do a better job as a coach than my coaches did. I absorbed everything I learned in school and on the tour and wrote it down so that other coaches and kids like me would benefit from it.”

About Philipp Halfmann

Philipp Halfmann has a master’s degree in exercise & sports science from Florida International University (FIU) and has been a tennis – and conditioning coach for 10 years working with juniors, NCAA division I college athletes, and professional athletes. Creating effective, fun, and modern workout programs with a twist have become his signature style, which all of his athletes appreciate.

To arrange a book signing, interview, or for more information about “Advanced Concepts of Strength and Conditioning for Tennis”, please visit http://www.tennis-conditioning-book.com/ or contact Philipp Halfmann at +49 30 5770 3634 0.

Advanced Concepts of Strength and Conditioning for Tennis

Book Title: Advanced Concepts of Strength and Conditioning for Tennis
ISBN: 9783981539202
Date Published: 09/17/2012

To place orders for the book visit http://www.tennis-conditioning-book.com/products or contact:

Publisher: International Association for Athletic Performance & Health (IAAPH) GmbH
Address: Rungestrasse 22-24
10179 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 5770 3634 0
Fax: +49 30 5770 3634 9
E-mail: Orders@IAAPH.org
Website: www.IAAPH.org

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