The Lunge with Bar Rotations is a strength for performance exercise for advanced athletes to improve energy transfer, body control, stability and coordination for more powerful shots.


During the Lunge with Bar Rotations the focus is on improving energy transfer to apply force because it emulates the action of a tennis player when hitting the ball; the athlete has to transfer energy through the various body segments before applying force onto the ball.

Emphasis is on the synchronized activation of the leg, core and shoulder musculature to apply force.

Lunge with Bar Rotations Description

Lunge with Bar Rotations

Lunge with Bar Rotations

Athlete holds a weighted bar (2-10 lb) and needs to:

  1. Hold weighted bar in both hands about shoulder-width apart
  2. Step into a lunge; keep weight on the heel of the front foot
  3. Keep arms straight and rotate trunk from left to right and right to left; bar should be at chest-level during rotations
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