The Anterior Deltoid Stretch focuses on improving flexibility of the anterior shoulder musculature – the deltoids.

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It can be used to reduce the risk for tennis injuries and aid in the muscle recovery process.

Therefore the anterior deltoid stretch is often included in the tennis strength and conditioning program such as during the post-workout or match static stretching routine.

You want to use a wall or an object to perform the anterior deltoid stretch because you need to hold onto it. To get started, position yourself perpendicular to the wall and raise the arm behind you and alongside the wall.

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Now hold the stretch in this position for about 45 seconds before you switch sides. You should feel the stretch in the anterior part of your shoulder.


Voila, you just did the anterior deltoid stretch.

Anterior Deltoid Stretch Description Summary

Anterior Deltoid Shoulder Stretch

Anterior Deltoid Shoulder Stretch

  1. Stand perpendicular to a wall/object; shoulder faces wall/object
  2. Horizontally abduct shoulder to 90˚, extend elbow and supinate hand position; raise arm behind the torso until hand is in line with shoulder; palm of the hand touches the wall/object
  3. Maintain neutral pelvic and spine position; push chest out; look forward
  4. Hold stretch for 45 seconds

Targeted Musculature

  • Anterior deltoid

Deltoideus posterior

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