The dynamic forward and reverse lunge stretch enhances dynamic stability and warms up the musculature used during closed stance groundstrokes.

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The dynamic forward and reverse lunge stretch prepares you for match play by emulating the movement mechanics during stroke production, where you are lunging forward.

Since the forward and reverse lunge is very dynamic you have to shift the center of mass in a controlled fashion, which allows you to enhance dynamic stability capabilities.

At the same time this dynamic lunge stretch prepares you for explosive movements, reduces the risk for injury and improves flexibility by increasing muscle tissue temperature.

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Dynamic Forward and Reverse Lunge Stretch

Forward and Reverse Lunge Progression

If you are new to the exercise then focus on performing it in a controlled fashion and in perfect form.

Once you are comfortable with the dynamic forward and reverse lunge you can gradually increase the speed of the action, thereby elevating the dynamic stability requirements.

Tommy Haas

Tommy Haas (GER)

Forward and Reverse Lunge Description Summary

  1. Stand straight with feet close together
  2. Step into a forward lunge with the left foot until left knee is at 90˚; knee must not move beyond toes
  3. Push-off with the left foot and step into reverse lunge without moving the right foot; right knee is at 90˚
  4. Step into forward lunge again
  5. Repeat & switch

Targeted Musculature

  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings

Quadriceps Gluteus maximus 3D Hamstrings-Gray1239Gray1239“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.













More Dynamic Stretches

Of course we have more great dynamic stretches that you can do before you start playing tennis to get yourself prepared and ready for action.

Simply chose 6-8 dynamic stretches for your dynamic stretch routine that warm up the major muscle groups of the legs and hips and you are ready to go!

Here are a few suggestions:

Other Static Stretches For You

Apart from the dynamic forward and reverse lunge stretch we have some other static stretches for you that target the muscles acting on the knee and hip.

You can use these stretches during the cool down once you are finished with your match or training session.

Simply click on them to learn more or watch the videos:

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